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Russian Railways mulls launching St. Petersburg-Kaliningrad-Berlin route

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The Kaliningrad region is Russia’s enclave on the Baltic Sea, - TASS

Russian Railways is considering a possibility to launch a passenger train along the route St. Petersburg-Kaliningrad-Berlin through the territories of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, head of the Kaliningrad Railroad, a branch of Russian Railways, Viktor Golomolzin, told journalists on Thursday. The Kaliningrad region is Russia’s westernmost region and an enclave on the Baltic Sea."We are generating the idea of ··launching the Berlin-Kaliningrad-St Petersburg train, taking passengers in Berlin, going through Poland to Kaliningrad, and going from Kaliningrad via Lithuania and Latvia to St. Petersburg," the head of Russia’s westernmost mainline said.

He said that the discussion is going on within the working groups of countries that may be involved in the project. According to Golomolzin, this route is economically more promising than the Kaliningrad-Berlin train. (the Berlin train, as it was called, was launched in 2003, then there was a break, and in 2013 the route was discontinued - TASS). "They counted the economy of the Kaliningrad-Berlin train and realized that today there is not enough passenger traffic for it. So we are considering the St. Petersburg-Kaliningrad-Berlin route," Golomolzin said.

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