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Motorman who saved riders’ lives in metro blast donates his reward to bombing victim

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The train conductor said he didn't need the money, - TASS

The motorman of a St. Petersburg metro train, Aleksandr Kaverin, who received a state award and also a cash gift from an anonymous organization for saving passengers’ lives, has made a decision to give the money raised for him to a woman badly hurt in the incident. "I would like to make a statement. I’ve been told some organization has raised cash for me in a gesture of gratitude. I don’t need the money. I’ve decided to give it away to a woman who is currently at the I.I. Djanelidze Ambulance Institute. She has had a leg amputated," Kaverin told the media. He explained that for now the injured woman was well looked after but very soon she might need money and assistance. Kaverin did not mention how much money had been raised for him.

A suicide bomber set off an explosive device on a train in a tunnel between stations in St. Petersburg’s metro on April 3. The blast killed fourteen people, including the terrorist himself, and left more than 50 people injured.

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